Santana vs. Eve


Time: 25 Minutes/ 479MB

OUR SECOND MATCH finds Eve, in a print mini – dress that leaves little to the imagination, coming upon another Latin lovely, Santana, in a barren garage where Eve accuses Santana of stealing some mysterious disk. Santana, stunning in red bikini top, skirt, heels and gloves, denies any knowledge of any tape, which infuriates Eve, who begins a furious choking assault on the lady on red. Tides turn rapidly and often as each girl manages to choke the other unconscious only to have her opponent recover and retaliate with choking and smothering action of her own. As the beautiful combatants are stripped down to thongs, hosiery and high heels the action grows ever more intense. The sheer variety of ways they find to squeeze the air out of each other’s lungs, from straight gloved hand to throat, to leg scissors to breast smothers, finally takes it toll as one battling babe lies at the feet of her victorious foe, delicious prey for her tormentor’s pleasure. Whether a victim or a victor, Eve is a queen of destruction in this tape that will leave you, too, breathless.