Incitement to Violence



Ariel X vs. Serene Siren


DT-1608DL/Time: 30 Minutes

This historic DT video takes place at the White House and features Ariel X as Milania Trump and Serene Siren as Ivanka Trump. The scene opens with Milania looking out the window with her chin up like a queen when Ivanka storms into the room and starts slinging insults at the eastern European model. Ivanka calls her an “immigrant pig” and Milania’s jaw drops, she decides to fight back. She calls Ivanka a slut and explains how everyone knows that she gets her way by spreading her legs. Ivanka challenges Milania to a fight and they undress into their bikinis. Milania tells Ivanka that her daddy can’t save her today and then she spits in Ivanka’s face. Ivanka spits back at her and then grabs Milania by the front of her panties and starts yanking upward. Milania yelps and grabs at her crotch as Ivanka circles around to her back and leans under Milania’s arm to pull her top down and bite her nipples. Milania escapes and puts Ivanka in a bear hug, but not before pulling Ivanka’s top down. The Trump women drop to their knees for a test of strength that only ends when Milania bites Ivanka. If you are turned on by the idea of these powerful and beautiful women getting bloody and fighting in nothing but thongs and high heels, then you better get your hands on this video.