WHO’S THE BEST? – Match 2



Quisha vs. Mia

DOWNLOADABLE Ring Catfight Match

DT-224-02HQ/ Time: 18 Minutes/ 357MB

So what happens when three veteran wrestlers want to know who’s the best? Well, being the competitive grapplers Quisha, Gasae and Mia are – they take it to the ring. These three she-devils decide to do just that and it means that each girl takes her turn fighting the other two, providing three of the most enjoyable matches you’ll ever want to see.

Now Quisha can do pro-style or catfight and Mia prefers pro, but Gasae is strictly a catfighter so we have some fun match-ups. These ladies are different in many ways– from huge breasts to petite, fair-skinned contrasting dark, strength put against speed, the mean challenging the nice, blonde battling brunette. Yes, they differ in every way except one – they are all extremely competitive. This is a battle to decide who’s the best and these ladies take it seriously– but the real winner is you, the viewer. You get to see all this luscious flesh and determination in action.