Zazie Skymm vs. Candee Licious

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Pro-style Catfight Match

PS-027HD/Time: 18 Minutes / 1.4G


Thin, angry, natural blonde beauties: Candee vs Zazie – so angry they won’t even talk in the beginning to our beautiful hostess (Amirah Adara) who lays out the rules: submission only and you need four. As is the custom in Europe they have to start nude, so off with the clothes. Once naked these sleek grapplers spring into action as Candee throws a killer ab stretcher on the petit blonde, she pulls that lean ivory figure back till ribs protrude and she screams in pain. Next a vicious figure four leg lock has our four sleek legs entwined till pain subdues. A combination full nelson and body scissor produces the next submission followed by a standing surf board that stretches both beauties – I so love watching these ladies stretch, their natural breasts shimmy with each thrust as their firm asses dimple with exertion. More holds produce more tortuous submissions till one beauty goes wild, even pushing Amirah, and then into a final killer sub – over the shoulder back breaker, watch as one blonde folds another to the screams of pain from one and glorious shouts of victory from the other. Naked Euro beauties going wild with submissions — we love it !!!!!!