Mother-In-Laws Mayhem Part 2



Christine Dupree vs. Sarah Brooke


DT-1602DL/Time: 21 Minutes

This video is a continuation of match 1596 where Christine Dupree and Sarah Brooke are viciously attacking each other over the stress of an impending wedding. Christine and Sarah are wearing nothing but tiny thongs and their big beautiful breasts are the main targets. When the video begins, both women have their sharp nails dug deep into each other’s soft fleshy tits. You can even see blood starting to leak out of the scratches. Christine’s hands must be stronger or maybe Sarah’s boobs are more sensitive because Sarah give in first and drops to the floor. She is breathing heavily as Christine collects her large breasts in one arm and starts dropping them violently onto Sarah’s pretty face. Sarah seems like she is about to go unconscious, when last minute Sarah opens her mouth wide and bites down hard on Christine’s supple nipple. Christine screams and rolls over onto her side. Sarah takes advantage and jumps into mount where she does a little breast smothering of her own. Christine is panting and helpless. Sarah stands over her quivering body and, showing no mercy, she stomps on Christine’s pretty crotch. Christine is down but not out. Sarah uses this opportunity to remove her panties and Christine’s; this allows better access for crotch mauling. If you are interested in seeing Christine and Sarah beat each other black and blue, then you should definitely check out this video.