Winner Takes All


DT-116 DVD


1 hour

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This tape starts out with another new and beautiful young wrestler, Ashley, wearing, appropriately a leotard that says “sweat” across her chest. And sweat she does. She has to flght Renee, the California Angel, who we all know is one of the best ever. Ashley is a small but firmly packed blonde who proves to be a worthy opponant as these two gladiators go head to head with powerful blows and throws. Ashley’s strength suprises Angel as she attempts to put Renee in some submission holds, but it isn’t long before Angel is in control and makes this beautiful newcomer pay the price for stepping into the ring with her.

The final match on this tape is, without a doubt, one of the best women’s wrestling matches of all time. Two of our very best wreshers are set against each other. Spice Williams, the former Golden Girls champ now wrestling for Double Trouble Productions vs. DT champ the California Angel.This match was a long time in the making as many people wanted to see which of these champions was the better wrestler. Spice had been claiming that she should hold the DT belt because Angel wasn’t even in her league. The match was an amazing test at skill and endurance. We could see they meant business when they clasped hands in a test of strength to see who would knuckle under. Never have we witnessed so many thrilling throws. Never has so much brute force been seen. And in the end, one woman finally submits, giving us an elated new champion-and a loser devastated to the point of complete humiliation. Don’t deprive yourself of this tape!



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