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Time: 24 Minutes

Vanessa and Diana, both self-proclaimed comic book nerds, hear a phone message saying that one of them will get a chance to appear as a superheroine at a big upcoming convention. Unfortunately, the message fails to indicate which one of them it will be. Vanessa is sure that with her long legs, beautiful face and big tits that the message was for her. Diana, whose lovely face and bosomy figure are just as impressive, is convinced that she herself is the one being summoned. So the girls decide to settle it in the ring in a two-out-of-three-fall match, both beauties wearing superheroine costumes, complete with masks and boots. Diana gets the upper hand quickly in the first round as she staggers Vanessa with a blow to the face. Vanessa is punched, thrown and flipped all over the ring as Diana really shows what a superheroine can do. Decking Vanessa with a final uppercut, the gloating Diana plants her knee on Vanessa’s throat to win the first fall. Diana’s gloating may be premature, however, as Vanessa takes over for the second round, punching and kicking the raven-haired Diana with super force. Bending Diana over her knee, Vanessa pounds away at Diana’s stretched out stomach. Vanessa wins the second round, but there is still the deciding fall—and each super babe goes in swinging.


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