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Time: 23 Minutes

Blonde hardbody Cassie pits her muscular frame against foxy fetish femme fatale Anastasia Pierce. Cassie muscles Anastasia to the mat, but Anastasia retaliates with a bearhug. Recovering from a toss to the mat, Cassie catches Anastasia in a headlock several times, trying to weaken the game brunette. Anastasia takes Cassie down with a clothesline, but her momentum is slowed down by Cassie’s hard blows to the belly. Tearing off Anastasia’s top, Cassie proceeds to maul Anastasia’s breasts and then bounces the dark haired Ms. Pierce off the ropes. Once again using Anastasia’s bikini top as a weapon, Cassie wins the first fall by a knockout. Cassie gets the advantage early in the second round as she follows up a reverse bearhug with a crushing waist scissors. Anastasia manages to rally for a bit but is trumped by belly blows and another toss to the canvas. Tiring of this humiliation, Anastasia traps Cassie in the corner and unleashes a barrage of kicks and punches to Cassie’s stomach and crotch. Unfortunately, Anastasia doesn’t follow up fast enough and her delay is all Cassie needs to mount a devastating again that finds Anastasia once again choked into submission to lose the second fall. Cassie is certain of victory now, but her overconfidence makes her careless as a sudden blow to her crotch sends Cassie yowling in pain. Now it’s time for payback as Anastasia exacts her vengeance with scissors, surfboards, body blows, bearhugs and, of course, choking Cassie with Cassie’s bikini top. One wondrous beauty ends up unconscious and bound at the end of this hard fought encounter.


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