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Time/Size: 25 Minutes/390 MB

It’s been a while since Star Chandler has appeared in the DT ring and she marks her return by facing the volatile Cuban pro Hurricane Havana (Sabrina), also making a long-overdue return to our squared circle. Star catches the Hurricane in a reverse bearhug right off the bat and intends to prove her mettle to the experienced mat vet. After throwing Havana to the mat, Star makes the mistake of stopping to brag, giving her opponent the opportunity to slug Star in the belly and clamp her in a headlock. Star manages to turn things around again with a standing head scissors that she uses to slam Havana’s head to the canvas, but again stalls long enough for the Hurricane to land a solid blow to Star’s crotch. As Havana straddles the fallen Star, she wraps her fingers around Star’s neck and tells her the secret of winning a pro-style match: cheating. Havana punctuates this with a few punches to Star’s face. Softening up her foe further with a clothesline and head scissors, Havana applies a sleeper hold that finally has Star seeing stars and the once-haughty redhead ends the first fall sleeping on her back. It’s all downhill for Star from that point on as she is caught cowering topless and subjected to one vicious pro-style assault after another, each fall ending in a complete knockout. Star is trapped inside the devastating eye of the Hurricane, and there’s no way out.


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