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Time/Size: 17 min/328 MB

It’s loathe at first sight as pretty brunette Andie quickly takes pretty blonde Carolyn to the mat with some nasty choking action. Carolyn bounces Andie off the ring corner and into a knee to the belly that sets Andie up for a canvas connection of her own. Straddling the feisty brunette, Carolyn takes great pleasure in ramming Andie’s pretty head against the mat. There’s little science hear as Andie resorts to more choking, but is stymied by Carolyn’s powerful waist scissors. Andie is further battered in the corner but gets back at the blonde with nails raking along Carolyn’s legs and a hard foot planted into Carolyn’s crotch. Now it is Carolyn who is worked over in the corner, but Andie’s attempts to throw her into the opposite corner are thwarted and the brunette lands hard on the canvas again. Using Andie’s bikini top as a choking instrument, Carolyn keeps pouring on the pressure—making Andie even more volatile than ever. After pulling Carolyn’s bra off, Andie bashes the blonde’s body with her fists. As the topless tusslers rise to face each other it’s obvious that neither nuclear newbie is going to be an easy kill—until a breathtaking neck scissors settles the matter once and for all.


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