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Time/Size: 26 min/495 MB

Here we have two decidedly smaller girls facing each other as the slim Dominique faces newcomer Mina, raring to go in her DT debut. This best-out-of-seven contest begins with both diminutive divas sizing up the other as they lock up mid-ring. Mina’s milky white skin is a sharp contrast to Dominique’s chocolate complexion as each set of slim limbs twine around and pushes against the other. After torturing Mina’s legs, Dominique uses a Boston Crab to force a submission from moaning Mina. Dominique capitalizes on winning the first fall by stripping Mina naked. Mina is out for vengeance, but Dominique slows her down with a torturous half nelson and heightens Mina’s agony by upping it to a full nelson. Mina’s a lot stronger than she looks and soon it is Dominique who is caught in Mina’s full nelson hold. Mina’s moment of triumph doesn’t last long enough, and it is she who finds herself caught in a painful surfboard stretch and crying out her surrender at the end of round two. Will Mina be able to make a comeback against her deliciously dark opponent?


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