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Time/Size: 20 min/448 MB

Jamie Lynn and Ashley Grace don the leather gloves for a few rounds of foxy boxing. Both wear regulation gloves, shorts, mouth guard and sports bras as they meet in the middle of the squared circle. Exchanging hard jabs to the head, the fighters seem pretty evenly matched at the outset, but Jamie soon has Ashley cornered, battering away at her opponent’s exposed abs. After desperately clinching on to Jamie to slow her down, Ashley regains her senses and manages to trap Jamie in the corner to dole out some body-bruising payback. Alexis rains down a torrent of blows to Jamie’s head and belly, rattling her lithesome opponent. Jamie just barely manages to clutch on to Ashley when the clanging bell ends the first round. The second round finds both fighters even more determined to take the other down and the hits to the head and body hammer away in rapid succession. Ashley is finally dropped and her mouth guard dribbles out. She barely beats the ten count, but, after replacing her mouth piece, she continues the fight, coming on strong enough to knock Jamie down. The second round ends with both fighters dazed, but standing and ready to go at it again until a knockout finally puts one knockout’s lights out for good.


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