Kerri vs. Honey Demon

Nude Euro Catfight

21 Min – 490 MB – HQ Standard Definition

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Remember in 986-01 Mira beat little Kerri, well Kerri watched Honey Demon destroy Mira, so what do you think the petit one thinks about stepping in the ring with the alpha female, you guessed it, she is scared to death and deservedly so. Oh mama does that Honey love her dominating, instantly she throws poor Kerri around the ring, not soft, no the raven haired brunette slings her little foe around like a rag doll, Kerri realizes very soon that her strength is no match for this wild Demon. The beautiful brut strips her prey then fondles her at will, she loves those pert breasts, tiring of this she throws her down and drags her by the legs back to her, flips her over and pounds her firm little ass. She trash talks her little foe as she alternately strokes then slaps her – ” You like this you little bitch, well take this you bitch”. Honey takes off her own clothes and mounts her victim, first lying face up on her, she has her servant stroke her as she grinds her crotch on Kerri’s sexy little figure, then she rolls over and mounts her face to face, continues to grind and get stroked – she finally tires of this and throws the little one around before she forces her out of the ring to continue being her bitch for as long as she wants, because this is Honey, the gorgeous alpha female that you will come to truly love – get ready sensual domination at it’s best and it’s for real!!!!


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