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Time/Size: 18 min/371 MB

Love this pairing, Paris Kennedy and Max Makita start out topless and ready to fight, Max wants to show this busty beauty how strong she is so she concentrates on woman handling her with her arms, yes, it’s hand to hand as they lock in a test of strength, a long grueling battle that ends with Paris securing a tight head lock on our muscular Asian beauty. Finally Max maneuvers behind Paris and gets hold of both her hands, then ever so slowly she works to bend Paris’ arms behind her back, their muscles flex as this test of strength takes them both to the limit, they end up entwined on the floor where they each try to secure leg holds, twisting those muscular lean gams. Then back to the arm struggle as Max pulls the red heads arms over the top rope then down but Paris applies a scissor making for a fabulous mutual hold. On and on we go with some fabulous and very creative arm holds that strain Paris’ chest, popping her robust breasts out – great images. Paris puts up a valiant fight but mostly she is Max’s play toy, oh what a wonderful toy she is as Max puts her in so may contorted but very sexy positions —- love this pairing !!!!!!!


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