Time/Size: 23 min MB 468

Oh Franny, this video is worth it just to see you in that outfit; revealing web knit and heels so, sooo sexy. And to make it even more fun sexy Francesca Le has fed Asian beauty Akira Lane some mesmerizing drug and she is free to have her way with this beautiful lady. Fran is soon stripping the numb one out of her shirt and short skirt, and upon seeing those luscious breasts she helps herself to mounds of pleasure, greedily she sinks her fingers in, then tweeks those perfect nipples, then her mouth bites and sucks these inviting tits while a helpless Akira just moans. Enough sucking, time for some bashing of guts and breasts and then a rib breaking bear hug. Franny now strips her naked and to the couch they go for more tit pleasure and Franny even has Akira now suck her breasts till her nipples get so erect she can take no more and escorts her mindless foe to the bedroom. On the bed she continues her onslaught of destruction and pleasure, both ladies are nude now as Fran so enjoys destroying Akira’s breasts and gut with slugs, claws and pinches. Enough punishment and time for pleasure as the lotion comes out and is spread all over that sexy Asian body, as the cream gets worked in Fran again gets horney and mounts her tranced victim with more breast biting and sucking, even making Akira stick out her tongue and use it to get Fran’s nipples hard again. Fran so loves having her zombie slave to play with, she can do with her as she wants and order her to do as she commands… Francesca’s perfect relationship !!!!!


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