FRESH FACES – Abigail vs. Idelsy/Layla vs. Cherie/Christie vs. Skylar




Match 1 -Make room because Abigail Mac is moving in, and I do mean moving in, can we make room for one more super hot babe that loves to get physical and looks gorgeous. You are going to love this new addition and watching her take on Idelsy Love in their super sexy outfits: heels, stockings with garters, and sling shot bikinis, these suits are so small they may as well be nude – nude, yes they do get nude in this wild battle, but first they give each other oh so many wedgies, both front and back; those beautiful butts and sweet pussies get cloth yanked way up inside of places where it shouldn’t go. Not just wedgies but lots of breast destruction and oh does Abigail have some beautiful breasts and the sexy Idelsy knows just how to twist those pert nipples. So it’s a great wild fight that gets these two beauties nude and you get to meet an awesome new member of DT – trust me, this is one incredible fresh faces, so enjoy and make room because the gorgeous ABIGAIL MAC is moving in !!!!!!

Match 2 -Can you handle another fabulous beauty, a hot brunette that loves to get physical, a long legged bronze skinned sex queen that… well you get the point. So maybe you can handle one more and trust me you will appreciate letting this one in the group because Layla Sin is so much fun. Again need to thank the folks at for introducing us to this wonderful wild women. She is fighting Cherie Deville and these two get a real roll on, and for a newbie she is a natural, even picked Cherie up giving the sexy blonde a real scare, yes she is a natural grappler and she loves getting physical even seems to enjoy it when it gets sexual as seen when they begin by sucking one each others breasts. Her long legs sinch up around Cherie’s thin waist as Layla sees how much fun it is to squeeze – she is hooked and you will be too because Layla Sin is for real, so get ready because you will be seeing a lot more of this beauty – welcome LAYLA SIN !!!!!!

Match 3 -COULD WE BEGIN A YEAR ANY BIGGER?!?! – First there was Aaliyah Love, then we got Abigail Mac and to top those three gorgeous ladies we brought you Layla Sin. We thought this might be too much for everyone to handle but from the custom match requests we see there is a real demand for more new fabulous ladies… so if you’re ready… if you really think you can take it… HERE THEY ARE!! Not one but two amazing ladies in one fresh faces match, first we have Christie Stevens, a gorgeous blonde with a sumptuous body, so fabulous is this girl that she has ben requested and shot in multiple matches just from the twitter of this match. Christie really puts on a great show whether she is winning or losing, and we have seen her do both so far. She is taking on another fabulous new girl; Skylar Rene, this girl is a real athlete with a tan muscular body to die for and she just loves to get mean and show off her power as poor Christie finds out. Skylar is tall and strong and knows her holds but Christie is no cream puff and knows when she needs to revert to cheating. Watching Skylar’s tan lean body against Christie’s ivory suppleness is such a treat. Two for one in this match and both of them fabulous – yes, you will be seeing a lot more of these amazing beauties!!! WHAT A YEAR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE – HOLD ON, IT’S GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!!


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