MIXED MATCH – Aubrey Black vs Jaxson Wolfe


Aubrey Black vs Jaxson Wolfe


MM-038 / Time: 23 Minutes / 551 MB

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551.2. MBs 23:24 Mins

BRUTAL, BRUTAL, BRUTAL — wow this is the most brutal mixed match I have ever seen, these two really go at it. Aubrey Black vs Jaxon Wolfe, you know the beautiful Aubrey and what a tough lady she is but Jaxon is a new young athletic grappler and is sure his strength and gender will prevail but once he goes for a bear hug Aubrey secures a head lock and even though Jaxon lifts her off the ground she won’t let go, around he swirls her but she won’t let go — Jaxon knows now he’s in for a real battle. A battle that has him choked in the corner and then a face sit knocks him out but this is by no means over. Jaxon tries desperately to use his power to get control but seems to always be on the pain end, oh, and when she straddles him and tortures his nipples you can feel it, then he gets smothered by her breasts, not the worst way to go out. Aubrey’s top comes off and Jaxon’s hair has to be tied up as the wild is taking them apart. If you are squeamish this is not the one for you, these two are off the charts wild and Jaxon can handle pain and keep coming – he can TAKE IT and lucky for you you don’t have to TAKE IT but you can get it, so get it soon you will love it !!!!!!