Duncan vs Milana Ricci


Duncan vs Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless mixed match domination

MM-040 / Time: 21 Minutes / 512 MB


Duncan is insulted that he is in with this little woman, Milana Ricci and tells us it will be a quick six fall match but he makes a big mistake – he turns to do his stretching and just as the bell rings Milana sneaks up behind him and gives him a hard one right between the legs causing him bend over in excruciating pain giving the petit Milana her chance to offer up even more pain. She chokes him with a tight arm choke then as he is on his knees she secures a torturous leg choke, as she wraps those shapely legs around his neck he collapses to the mat where she uses her thin muscular thighs to force his surrender. One fall does not a match make so before Duncan can recover Milana attacks again with a kick to the side then hops on his back and as she rides him she secures another choke, as her butt cheeks tighten her choke also tightens till he has to tap again but the beautiful one is just getting started, off comes her top so she can use it to choke and once the choke has him loopy in the corner she beats him in the gut till again we have another fall. From here on the topless beauty doesn’t quit, if anything she takes it up a notch – a notch, she goes crazy on the poor guy – every hold, choke and stomp possible. She even has him so hurt she can take a break to change her bikini and put on some sexy high boots, now this bikini bottom is just a string and perfect for a face sit on the beaten man. A gorgeous woman gets the upper hand and never lets go – that Milana is one gorgeous wildcat !!!!!!


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