Star Nine vs Grunt



HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless mixed match domination

MM-041 / Time: 23 Minutes / 562 MB


So much fun watching the amazing Star 9 in action, this gorgeous slender athlete puts on one hell of a show – especially when she goes up against a man. Grunt is this man and he is eager to get his hands on this female, no woman will stand a chance against him, he even tells her by the end of the match she will kiss his ass. They start off with a lock up but Star sneaks in a smashing gut shot that sends Grunt to his knees where our sexy blonde hits him with the ultimate destroyer – a killer shot to his balls that have him rolling in pain. Star now takes over as she puts Grunt in a reverse head scissors that shows off her sweet ass as she chokes him, each cheek flex constricts Grunt’s neck. Star is so cocky she even changes her clothes in the ring, off comes her skin tight leotard and on comes a skimpy leopard bikini and this is just one of many she changes into but this time Grunt sneaks up behind her, picks her up high and drops her but she is still able to roll into a grapevine and again Grunt is subdued. And again she changes her clothes and secures even more great holds like a surfboard, camel clutch, ring choke, breast smother, face sit and soooo many more. Of Course Grunt won’t quite, he struggles in vain even many times able to pick her up to destroy her but always she is able to reverse the hold and add more destruction. All those great clothes but best when she goes topless and uses her breasts to smother him. This is Star 9 in all her glory, so let all that glory light up your life !!!!!!