Blue Angel vs Bonnie Dolce


Blue Angel vs Bonnie Dolce


SF-049HD  / Time: 21:22 Minutes / Size: 506.4 MB


Wow — this is why I love the Euro matches, this one is so much fun to watch – two naked beauties going at it with every hold in the book and it’s because they have a gorgeous coach. Blue Angel vs Bonnie Dolce with Amira Adara as the coach – now do you remember Odette, that very petite spunky blonde that everyone loved, well get ready because Bonnie is the Euro version of Odette, yes she is very petite but so fast and knows her holds – she is an absolute joy to watch. And Blue is her normal sexy self and in the end when she tells the director what she thinks of him – well that is worth the whole video, she is a hot one. These ladies twist their bodies like pretzels with body scissors, figure four leg locks, Indian torture holds, bow and arrow, camel clutches, and so many more but the best is when Blue picks the petit one up in a standing torture rack, she bounces poor Bonnie around on her shoulders but the tough little one will not submit, matter of fact she gets even wilder when Blue finally lets her down. That gorgeous coach is a bit miffed by the ending but I’m sure you will get a kick out of it. Naked natural Euro babes wrestling their hearts out and a new Odette — you got to see this one !!!!!!


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