Blonde Ambitions – Match 2


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Christine vs. Mia


Time: 18 min

Sexy Christine Dupree has revenge on her mind in this topless, one fall match. Marvelous Mia, one of DT’s all-time favorite and best female grapplers, demolished Christine in Tape #152 and Christine has waited a long time for this rematch. The girls, who both start out in sheer bras and sexy leggings, really go after each other and before long Mia is up to her old tricks again. Her pro skills overcome Christine’s catfighting prowess and she gets her in a scissors hold, drops Christine’s leggings and has a spanking good time with her. This is a match for those who love posteriors. You’ll love it as Mia constantly pulls Christine’s bottoms down to expose her rounded buttocks. Can Christine break free to do some damage of her own?


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