Match 1 – In order to rescue the spirits absconded by the black-garbed villainess Soul-Stealer (Nicole Oring), the star-spangled superheroine Wonder Damsel (Frankie Zappitelli) agrees to wrestle the villainess in the ring. If Wonder Damsel wins, all the stolen souls will be freed, but, if the heroine loses, her soul will join those of her fallen sisters in Soul-Stealer’s trophy case. Both combatants are war-hardened combatants and they exchange painful hammerlocks, bearhugs, full nelsons, gut punches and head rams. Soul-Stealer batters the cornered heroine and then plants her black boot on Wonder Damsel’s throat. To further her advantage, Soul-Stealer lands some hard kicks to Wonder Damsel’s crotch, sending jolts of pain between the super girl’s legs. Despite Wonder damsel’s impressive displays of power, her vile adversary continues to match her, blow for blow, scissor for scissor, and throw for throw. The stakes are high in this titanic tournament between two mighty über-women and the outcome remains a toss-up until a figure-4 leglock, followed by an excruciating camel clutch sets the stage for one fighter’s ultimate defeat. Will Wonder Damsel become her sister heroines’ savior—or just another lost soul?

Match 2 – In the darkness of the Terror Dome, a virtual reality arena created by the Sisterhood of The Black Plague, a holographic simulation of the heroine known as Marker (Akira Lane) is conjured up as a training exercise for the monstrously evil villainess called Bloodbath (Kristie Etzold). The Marker replica boasts that she will destroy Bloodbath and begins the session with a test of strength. However, Marker is brought to her knees by her powerful masked opponent. A second test of strength proves no better for the holographic heroine as she is thrown against the wall and pounded by the demon in black. Despite being a construct of energy particles, this Marker recreation is perfect in every way—including her ability to feel pain. Even as she continues to recite her programmed mantra of destroying her adversary, Marker is subjected to one devastating hold and blow after another. From camel clutches, waist scissors and belly blows, to a removal of her top that just makes the heroine facsimile an even more delectable target, the savage beating continues. It soon becomes all too clear that simulation program has been designed to replicate one last aspect of the superheroine it was engineered to copy—Marker’s total destruction.

Match 3 – When the sadistic Executioner (Christine Dupree) drags the world-renowned superheroine Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) into the ebon-shrouded ring, the stage is set for one of the most brutal superheroine massacres ever captured on video. Unable to use her daisy discs to create her mystic chains, the caped blonde is little more than a torture toy for her sadistic tormentor. Daisy Chain is choked with her own cape, pounded in the belly, kicked, splashed, punched, slapped, thrown, bent, and twisted. The heroine’s spirit and body are broken simultaneously and the Executioner delights in mauling Daisy Chain’s exposed breasts as she straddles atop the hapless do-gooder with a reverse facesit. This violent demolition derby gets even uglier as Daisy Chain is punched bloody and hot crimson convulses from her quivering lips. With every waist scissor, with each surfboard, with one devastating display of brutality after another, Daisy Chain’s ultimate destruction seems to be inevitable. The only question becomes, how long will the Executioner continue before finally ending this slaughter and putting the battered superheroine out of her misery.


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