Match 1Cali Logan is all gung ho about kicking Celeste Star’s ass in the DT ring. Both girls are dressed in bikinis and boots as they meet each other in the center of the squared circle. Celeste gets in the first shot, but Cali quickly counters with a shoulder toss that sends Celeste crashing to the canvas. Following up with a leg scissors, Cali tries to capitalize on her early lead, but an elbow smash to Cali’s thigh soon has Celeste taking charge with a camel clutch, followed by a shoulder-wrenching standing surfboard. Celeste rams Cali’s head into the corner and works her over with knees to the belly and breast grabs. Cali manages to turn things around again by lifting her opponent up and sending her butt crashing hard onto the mat. A crude Boston crab adds to Celeste’s woes. Throwing her rival into the ropes, Cali floors the rebounding Celeste with a clothesline. Both battling babes lose their bikini tops and subject each other to bearhugs, figure-4 head scissors, body splashes, over-the-knee backbreakers, arm bars, waist scissors, punches, chokes and straddles. Add to this recipe some breast smothers, bow-and-arrow stretches, crotch stomps and tit biting and it all adds up to one delicious smorgasbord of feminine ferocity.

Match 2 – There’s definitely no love lost between the ravishing brunette Diana Knight and the exquisite blonde Tylene Buck as they go after each other’s throats in this ring ruckus. Tylene intends to set the rules for this contest and quickly staggers Diana with a belly punch that sets the dark-maned girl for Tylene’s standing head scissors. Tylene’s attendant cockiness is soon squelched as Diana sends the blonde crashing hard onto the canvas. Tylene yelps in defiance as Diana plants her sexy derriere on the blonde’s face. The reins of this charging chariot of destruction are exchanged several times during this tumultuous tussle and both blonde and brunette receive and administer more than their share of body blows, hair pulls, camel clutches, chokes, and a myriad mélange of heads rammed into the turnbuckle, crotches stomped and crushed, breast mauled and ribcages scissored. Even their flimsy bikini tops are recruited as weapons of war as these beautiful battlers go all out to snuff the life out of each other. When one weary woman finally succumbs to a finishing sleeper choke, it is one victory that is truly hard won.

Match 3Alyssa Reece is all aflutter about taking on newcomer Star 9 in her first-ever match for DT Productions. Alyssa’s joy quickly dissipates as she finds herself flat on her back with the new blonde on top of her in the first seconds of the match. Alyssa manages to get Star 9 off her with a waist scissors that has the young tyro struggling and straining. Star 9 finally wriggles free of Alyssa’s powerful thighs but she knows that it will be an uphill battle if she intends to go toe to toe with her more experienced opponent. She proves herself a quick study and a natural born catfighter as she gives Alyssa a true run for her money. Even when the bikini tops are ripped away, Star 9’s resolve is undiminished. In short order, it is Alyssa enduring some hard blows to the belly and wincing in pain as her ribs are crushed by her tyro challenger’s tight waist scissors. When Alyssa succeeds in getting Star 9 pinned down, the blonde sinks her teeth into Alyssa’s arm for a release—and a true indication as to just how hungry for victory this flaxen-haired cutie is. However, will ambition and fierce determination be enough to give Star 9 a victory in her very first match?


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