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Match 1 – Schoolgirl Alyssa Reece has been very naughty and has been brought to the DT ring for some discipline—and who better to mete it out than sexy disciplinarian Francesca Lé , dressed in a skimpy black thong bikini and high-heeled boots? Alyssa’s brashness and disrespect really get on Francesca’s nerves so the Latina challenges the brazen brat to a wrestling match. If Alyssa loses she has to be a good, obedient student from here on. Francesca quickly takes charge as she repeatedly kicks Alyssa in the stomach. Staggered, but not bowed, Alyssa decks her booted proctor with some hard punches and kicks Francesca around the ring. A kick to the crotch doubles Alyssa over as Francesca takes over again, straddling the truant tootsie with a reverse facesit. The battle’s advantage seesaws between the delectable dean of discipline and the acrimonious academic and each brutal brunette administers and endures a semester’s worth of hard schooling. When Alyssa’s foot choke crushes much of the fight out of Francesca, the schoolgirl from hell takes full charge of the detention hall and shows Francesca what real discipline is.

Match 2 – Delicious diva Diana Knight , in a tiny gold bikini, takes on sexy sensation Shayla (aka Kristal Summers), dressed in a black and red bikini, in a ring match sure to provide a feast for the senses. Diana takes control in the first seconds as Shayla is thrown to the mat and snared with a tight head scissors. Shayla escapes by pounding Diana ‘s belly and squishing her breast. Diana regains command of the action with a bow and arrow stretch and continues her dominance by pinning the smaller blonde while the raven haired vixen pounds away at Shayla’s tummy. Softening the busty blonde with some more punches and breast smothers, Diana traps Shayla in the corner and pounds away at the topless beauty. Shayla finally manages to give Diana a taste of her own medicine, but loses some of her momentum as she is crushed by Diana’s bearhugs. Diana traps Shayla in a figure-four head scissors, but the blonde comes back with a sitting surfboard stretch. Shayla chokes Diana with her own bikini top, but the raven-haired beauty almost snuffs Shayla out with a sleeper. Recovering quickly, Shayla trips Diana to the canvas and pounces on Diana’s might mammaries. Despite being propped up on the turnbuckles for some more abuse, Diana comes back yet again and the ultimate outcome of this mighty battle remains up for grabs until a final sleeper hold settles the matter once and for all.

Match 3 – Wrestling legend Hollywood prepares to teach newcomer Jada Fire some grappling maneuvers, but the curvy black girl seems a bit apprehensive. Hollywood starts by demonstrating a full-nelson, applying it gently on the new girl. However, when Jada takes a shot at it, her sheer strength sends Hollywood to her knees. Hollywood taps at Jada, indicating to her pupil that the hold is to be released. An armbar, belly kick and corner throw combo follow, with Hollywood again taking it easy on Jada—and once again, Jada repeating the maneuver with even more force and pain. Hollywood maintains her tutor cool as she demonstrates a camel clutch and rocking horse. Starting to show her true colors, Jada adds a choke to her version of the camel clutch and proceeds to kickand throttle Hollywood with a savagery that catches the mat luminary totally off guard. Hollywood’s top is torn away and Jada’s is soon a discarded scrap as well as Jada’s assault escalates and Hollywood fights for survival. Jada is a natural when it comes to violence in the ring, but the black girl is fighting in Hollywood’s neighborhood, and the busty veteran is not about to surrender her turf so easily.


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