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Match 1 – Akira Lane says she’s ready, but is she, is she ready for a mean Diana Knight, is she ready for a real beat down – because that’s what’s comin’ – this is one hell of a super beat down baby! Diana throws her prey in the corner and initiates the annihilation with savage gut blows, poor Akira doesn’t know what hit her but what ever it is it keeps hitting her. With each blow her tits giggle and sway till they are freed from their top, Diana now lifts Akira to the top rope so she gets better leverage on her blows to the gut and also to the crotch which is just at the right height for some real battering. Off the ropes and to the mat where kicks and slugs continue, Diana even strips the Asian beauty naked adding humiliation to destruction. In the ropes, on top of the ropes, on the mat and in the corner the blows continue to rain down on both gut and crotch, over and over she has her way with the nude Asian beauty – how can Akira take so much abuse ?!?!?!

Match 2 – At a swank party Ariel X is sipping wine off by herself when Odette Delacroix comes up and reminds her they knew each other in high school. We find out that not only did Ariel pick on the little O but that the house where we are is owned by Odette’s rich boyfriend – this is too much for Ariel and she picks up where she left off in high school, picking on poor little Odette. Ariel in her hot party dress throws Odette around, strips her and beats her up with chokes and slugs, oh and what is that – as Ariel stands over her we realize she is not wearing any panties, oh so sexy. To the couch X throws her so she can spank her nude prey, then by the neck she brings her to just the right position for a final blow… what, wait, what was that – something weird has happened and oh have things changed. You will have to see this one to believe it, but suffice it to say there are two naked butts in the end but only one is being spanked over the couch – this one is just too much fun !!!!!

Match 3 – New girls, beautiful new girls, we just love new ladies that are ready to get down and do some real wild fighting, well, get ready because Summer Day and Misty Lovelace are here to do some sexy fighting. Both enter wearing the skimpiest of sling bikinis and both newbies have attitude – Summer a blonde with a sleek body and beautiful face, Misty with her reddish hair, gorgeous body with alabaster skin. The slings are just too tempting for some butt splitting wedgies, and what beautiful butts they have, of course they don’t leave out the fronts as their poor pussies get split in half – oh the pain of it all. Such exuberant youth, could they be more fun to watch as they strive for destruction, up against the ropes each gets pinned as her foe even gets on the ropes to pull trying to rip her in half. Then to the mat for more from those killer back tugs, finally they rip off these skinny suits to use them for extreme wedgies. Naked our young beauties really get into the fray – so evident that these ladies enjoy touching each other and getting sexy, then back to administering pain with a wild fight – get ready to really enjoy this new blood !!!!


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