Match 1 – Here we go again, another fabulous cat fight with nylons, heels and hot hot women; Christina Carter and Liz Ashley – so if you like either one of these ladies you will love this match because they both are going all the way to the roots, yes the roots of their hair like a couple of Indians going for their top knot after victory. Lots of crazy hair pulling that leads to taking off their tops to get at the real gold; those fleshy chest mounds – deep go the red nails as each lady wants to show her dominance. We know Christina always loves a good fight and now we are finding out this blonde is also game, she even seems to really love the rolling as their sexy legs wrap around each other. And when Christina gets behind her foe she rips that beautiful blonde hair back so she can dig her fingers into Liz’s amazing breasts, then game Liz reaches around to grab the brunette’s hair. On the floor they crawl and press heads together as one says: “what now bitch” – we soon find out as a hair pulling bear hug sends them back to the floor until one lady can use her sweet breasts to smother her opponent, smack in the face her breasts cover both mouth and nose. You know you love these two and they will gladly show you why !!!!

Match 2 – Melissa Jacobs meets Nikki Delano in the ring for an interview before their fight, Nikki has the belt and Mel says she will be taking it. Nikki is very sure that will not happen, she tells Melissa she doesn’t stand a chance against her. They go to their corners both dressed in black lingerie and stockings, oh my, their butts are so hot in these outfits, the blondes butt protrudes from her panties and Mel stretches hers to the limit. Those beautiful legs are used to kick and choke as each lady takes her turn on the assault trail, even to the point of clawing and and grabbing the legs till those stockings are ripped to shreds, time for a super face sit then more kicks to the head – wow, this is going all the way to super destruction. The red head and the blonde are going for the blood and blood is found. Sexy clothes and even sexier women make this one fun ride – how can DT be so lucky to have so many amazing women – and they are all here to fight for you !!!!

Match 3 – Cali Logan’s husband has a mistress, and her name is Prinzzess. Cali has pleaded with her husband over and over again to not divorce her. At her wits end, she decides to ask Prinzzess to leave her husband alone. Prinzzess finds this amusing and quickly denies the request. The impasse leads to some wife on mistress grappling. The classy looking young women rip each other’s cocktail dresses off and begin to claw at one another’s tits and crotch. The women are left wearing nothing but panties and panty hose. The once posh looking gals are now wild eyed and grunting as they squeeze at their opponent’s neck and stomach. A blonde versus a brunette, at battle over the ownership of a man, who will win? Who cares, all I know is it is sexy as hell!


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