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Match 1 – Erika Jordan might be the queen of Double Trouble, but Emily Austin is an impatient princess coming for the throne. The topless women bounce in their corners as a form of warming up. Their high ponytails bounce in rhythm with their perky breasts. Finally the bell rings and the girls begin a number of small challenges. Breast fights and Indian leg wrestling get the sweat flowing, but the real fun comes when Erika and Emily try to pin each other to the mat. The girls throw one another across the ring like crash dummies. Their bodies may be broken and their stamina may be spent, but their will never gives in. Each girl seems near the point of exhaustion, panting like a dog locked in a hot car, yet they still rise from the mat. One wonders what could possible end this match other than a nuclear bomb. Strap yourself in for the relentless action that is Erika Jordan versus Emily Austin.

Match 2 – Cali Logan is a sweet young fighter with the face of an angel. Her opponent is Ariel X, a rock hard fitness model with a mouth like a sailor. Both girls are wearing nothing more than pantyhose. A confident Ariel flexes her muscles and perks her breasts up. Cali seems timid and uncomfortable with her tits out for the world to see. However, once the fight starts Cali shows that she is more bite than bark. Quickly this submission match takes on an air of quiet intensity. The girls might grunt now and again, but for the most part they save their energy for the chess-like Jiu-Jitsu ground game. Once one of them taps out they take a breather and then continue the war of attrition. Can the baby faced Cali squeak out a win from her powerful opponent? I can’t think of a better way to find out than buy watching the video.

Match 3 – Abigail Mac and Nikki Delano are sitting on the couch when Abby suggests they have a wresting mach: a knock out match with the winner getting to do what ever she want to the loser, sounds like fun says Nikki. Next we find Nikki at the ring in shorts that show off her amazing butt when in comes Abby, she steals the show with her masked outfit, black suit and nylons. Abby strikes first, Nikki is soon out and spread across the ropes where Abby strokes her body then claws her gut so hard she wakes, she is so ready to have her way with the sexy little blonde but wait… something happens that gives us a whole new battle, now it’s Nikki on the road to destruction as she woman handles the gorgeous brunette. A killer bear hug enables Nikki to strip Abby’s top off and now with a good nerve pinch Abby is completely under the blondes control. She plays cat and mouse with her, stroking her inviting breasts just enough to wake her then puts her out with a variety of chokes. Again she’s asleep, and again she wakes but now she is over Nikki’s back, yes, the blonde may seem small but she is very strong as Abby finds out in an over the shoulder back breaker. Nikki isn’t done. She so enjoys this game, especially when she gets to toy with such an incredible physical specimen like Abby Mac, who looks so incredible splayed across the mat in all her lifeless glory !!!!


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