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Match 1 -Eva Lovia, such a beauty and we were recently told she is no longer wrestling so enjoy her while she lasts, she also does some nice groaning and whining so of course we had to pair her up with the queen of noise, yes, no one makes the groans and moans like Capri Cavanni. Two knock out tan bodies, and those butts – wow, Eva is built down below – both girls show off their bottoms with some sexy cat like crawling and Capri so loves giving Eva a good wedgie up her bountiful bum. This is a real cat fight with a some good holds sprinkled in like; body scissors, camel clutch and that last match book where both their bodies get stretched and pressed, you will love that one. These two sexy cats slink around the ring, crawling and growling, throwing in a few bear hugs and breast destruction as they cat fight their way into our hearts. And the best of all is when Capri spread eagles Eva face down and climbs on her ass and shakes her own ass, never knew Capri had so much ass shaking in her, amazing! Two super sexy babes putting on one super sexy show !!!!

Match 2 -It’s Idelsy Love but she is saying she’s someone else, it’s very confusing but under this name she has not lost a fight and is being interviewed, all the questions end up being answered by how fabulous Idelsy is, she even hikes up her shirt so show off her tits and then her skirt to show off her ass. The interviewer asked her some real pointed questions about her record and about how she has been ducking Misty Stone… oh my what is this… it’s Misty and she is here to settle the score. A lot more intrigue as Idelsy has a trick up her sleeve and she begins by winning the fight but then Misty’s rage surfaces and destruction befalls the beautiful brunette. Chokes and slugs have Ms. Love crawling away, but the ebony warrior is by no means done – she strips her foe and continues the beating and of course all the while talking the trash the way only Misty can. Beautiful and strong Misty is out to prove she is the one to beat as a destroyed Idelsy lays helpless on the canvas… rage and destruction – here it is !!!!

Match 3 -Ariel X is the leader of a notorious female biker gang, the Hellcats. Paris Kennedy is an esteemed business woman. Ariel owes Paris some money and isn’t paying up. In addition, Ariel expects Paris’ company to start paying protection fees to the Hellcats. Either way you look at it, these two alpha females are on a crash course with each other. The pissed off ladies meet in the center of the ring. Quickly words become inadequate at which point Paris and Ariel knuckle up. Ariel takes over quickly and strips Paris down to her lingerie. The filthy biker babe then handcuffs Ms. Kennedy and rubs her feet in Paris’ face. Believe it or not, Paris makes a comeback and this fight becomes very interesting. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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