Match 1 -TIGER MATCH!!! Oh do we love these nude sexual romps and this one proves to be one of the very best, and how could it not be as we are blessed with two of the very best sexual battlers: Prinzzess and Ariel X. Ariel in her tiger print bikini sets a trap for the blonde and when she gets there Ariel jumps her and begins her brutal assault, we all know how tough X is so when with delight she rips the tiger suit from the blond then puts her in a camel clutch and reaches under and tries to rip her tits off we are not surprised, we expect her to go even further as she does but what we didn’t expect was Prinzzess escaping. Not just escaping but going on her own ferocious attack, how angry and merciless she is, pulling Ariel’s arm between her own legs and making her fuck herself, then she wraps her legs tightly around X’s head and reaches through her ass to get to her pussy which she attacks with abandon, digging her nails in then slapping she goes for her revenge. An amazing bow and arrow where she rocks her body up high for more punishing leverage, then a match book where again she has access to X’s now tender crotch. So many more holds and all so severe, Princess is angry and after she forces some brutal orgasms she wants more payment and forces Ariel into more humiliation that leaves her devastated and sobbing on the floor!!!

Match 2 -Abigail Mac and Vanessa Veracruz are strippers in one of Los Angeles’ biggest gentlemen’s clubs. Abigail is complaining to her friend Vanessa that she hasn’t been bringing in the money she used to bring in. Vanessa says that she heard it is because Abigail has a “dumpy ass.” Abigail is furious that Vanessa would dare to repeat that to her. Immediately she challenges Vanessa to a “no rules catfight.” Lucky for us, these exotic dancers are wearing nothing but butt floss that is pulled up around their shoulders. The attire serves to make the dancer’s butts look even perkier than they already are. Strap yourself in for some severe titty slapping and wedgying. Eventually, the young goddesses completely strip each other, leaving one another in nothing but their thigh high stockings. I promise that while fighting, both Abigail and Vanessa will contort their bodies in some wonderfully revealing ways.

Match 3 -Francesca Le and Stacy Burke are sisters. However, these two sisters are a pair of gossiping, shit talkers. When they hear about the shit they’ve been talking about each other they are irate. Stacy rushes to Fran’s house. They decide to settle this the way their family always does, an oil wrestling match. The ladies fully disrobe and rub oil on their completely nude bodies. Their athletic and tanned forms move together and begin to slug it out. Each woman takes her turn beating the face, breasts, stomach, and crotch of her opponent. Stacy finally has Fran on the ground and bloodied. Ms. Burke pulls her nearly unconscious sister back up to her knees and continues to berate and pummel her sibling. So if you’re a fan of naughty sisters and their bittersweet rivalries, you will absolutely love this entrancing video.


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