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Match 1 -When Charlie Mancini throws Sarah Brooke to the canvas that first time we know this match is serious! Charlie is one of the wildest women we have seen in some time and when she lets go on poor Sarah, well we are just lucky the red head is so tough because she is able to withstand the brutal treatment, not only does Sarah take it but she even gets her chance at destruction. Sarah now attacks Charlie’s vulnerable breasts and pussy with lots of gouging and killer wedgies that split that bulging butt of Charle, then she attacks the pussy with vengeance. But there is no holding the big brunette back, and when she gets in control again Sarah is really in trouble, now the breasts don’t just get gouged, she slaps the hell out of Sarah’s cute tits… off come the panties, now both beauties are left only in their garter belts and stockings making their pussies oh so vulnerable. Charlie won’t stop, she is intoxicated with her power, over and over she destroys poor Sarah’s breasts and crotch, till finally she splits her legs with a grapevine and digs her nails deep into Sarah’s sore pussy. Warning! This match may be more brutal than some wish to see, so don’t say you weren’t warned !!!

Match 2 -Miko Sinz in her cute little cheer leader outfit goes to the leader of the cheer squad; Erika Jordan, and tells her she wants to be a cheer leader but Erika says she’s too weak. Can you even do ten pushups, Erika says this as she hits the mat and knocks out ten good pushups. Sweet Miko tries but can only do a few and receives Erika’s scorn and challenges to even more strength tests ending in a challenge to wrestle, big mistake as Erika knows her wrestling. Scissors, bow and arrow, arm bar, standing surf board and so many more punish poor Miko as mean Erika destroys the wanna be, and watch out because that Boston crab shows us sweet Miko is wearing no panties – how embarrassing. To add insult to injury after the wrestling destruction she challenges her to a boxing match but without gloves. Don’t do it Miko not don’t… she accepts and gets the hell beat out of her – but it’s not quite over – even more destruction to come – no, no – not more and this time that cute skirt gets stripped off !!!!!!

Match 3 -You know you like em nude wild and sexy, and that’s just what Akira Lane and Ariel X give us, Ariel sneaks up behind Akira while she is stretching in the ring and hits her hard between the legs, with this advantage she soon strips and destroys poor Akira. But the beautiful Asian does not go down without a fight, and soon she turns the tables and strips X, now both are nude and on an even footing – both take turns in control. I especially loved it when Akira takes Ariel’s ankles in both hands and jams both feet into X’s crotch, or when she puts her upside down in an extreme matchbook, but best is when the oil is applied to the pussy a foot to the throat while she rubes the breasts and pussy – so, so sexy. So wild and sexy… appropriate it ends with one writing across the butt and hanging her over the ropes. You know you like it nude wild and sexy and these two beauties do it best !!!!!


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