Match 1 -Andrea Rosu is a voluptuous young red head wearing an American flag bikini. While Andrea may have some serious buns and biceps, her opponent is Kristie Etzold. Kristie is a hulking mass of angry muscle. If the scary black skull luchador mask doesn’t give it away, Kristie is about as friendly as a rattlesnake. Andrea puts up one hell of a fight and almost earns a modicum of respect from her masked foe. However, Kristie is the Mean Queen of the Ring for a reason. This may very well be one of the nastiest and most violent matches in the whole DT repertoire. Kristie delight in using her big black boots to stomp the lights out of Andrea. If you’re deranged enough to be a fan of Kristie’s work then you will love this video.

Match 2 -How about some real boxing and for that we need some real boxers; Ariel X and Erika Jordan, these two really know how to throw leather and it shows. They also don’t like each other very much, which helps when your trying to hit someone hard in the face. Great fighting stances as they both know how to defend and throw punches and so evenly matched as each boxer gets in her blows both to gut and head, finally we have our first knock down but it is just barely as her knee just touched the canvas but still counts. In the corner they go, Erika batters Ariel’s hard gut with blow after blow then it’s Ariels turn to test Erika’s hard abs with blows of her own. They are so exhausted after their first round they deserve some corner rest, both on stools where they get a drink and a sponge down, so sexy our wet pugilists as they catch their breath and ready for further war. More rounds and more back and forth, both warriors go down many times as the rounds take their toll, each has to clinch to take a break from the beating, more hard gut slugs and now the head shots are taking their toll, every time they go down they stay longer and longer, the mouth guards get knocked out by the savage head blows. Both are so good the battle rages on and on, the rests in the corner become more intense as they yearn for the drinks and cool sponge… till finally one dominates and batters her rival – finally a victory but just barley, the loser is so angry and frustrated. Real boxers showing how fabulous boxing can be !!!!!

Match 3 -How much destruction can one gut take? We are about to find out, five girls, that’s right five are ganging up on one tough lady and she better be tough because each of the five takes a turn on her. Star 9 is nonchalantly coming home when, Christina Carter, Kristie Etzold, Melissa Jacobs, Karlie Montana, and Diana Knight all jump her, now Star is one tough cookie and does a valiant job of fighting them off but five is just too much and they finally subdue her and the beating begins, and oh what a beating it is – in all possible positions she gets battered; one girl pulls her down on her body and spreads her out holding her arms back so the other four have free shots at her now vulnerable gut. They use special work out gloves to batter her, then bare fists and even brass knuckles, how much can one girl take – we’ll see because we have just begun. Next they spread her over a high stool, now her gut protrudes up just right for some real battering, over and over they slam those fists into Star’s now tortured belly, how can one girl take all of this, it is so unfair. Next it’s up against the door, then spread eagled on the floor and… oh so much more, she can barely move so they hold her up by her hair and bust the belly. More and more… no more please – Star is as tough as they come but even Star can’t take this much destruction – five is just too much !!!!!


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