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Match 1 -Cali Logan and Christie Stevens, how we have wanted these two together and now we have it. They start out in skimpy g-string bottoms and topless, it’s a multi fall match but first we have a few fun contests like breast smashing to see who can drive the other into the ropes, over and over they smash their delicate breasts into each other as they vie for control. Then they move to Indian leg wrestling, where their beautiful legs get locked in a fierce battle to pull the others body over. Now we start the match and these two are very evenly matched both is size and talent so the match swings back and forth as each lady takes her turn at vicious gut slugs and breast torture, be it in the corner or on the canvas they always go after those tender tits or the firm bellies. But to really top it off, they ready their victims for a pin with multiple body slams and an airplane spin, so many hard slams, their bodies shake from the contact – then to a pin as they spread their luscious bodies across each other for the count. Watching these two warriors walk around the ring with that feminine flesh draped around their shoulders in the airplane is a thing of beauty. Finally Cali and Christie together in all their fabulous glory !!!!

Match 2 -Have you seen Abigail Mac yet, if not you are in for a real treat because this lady is a stunner, with her tan curvaceous body and her pretty face, so why does she agree to an, ‘I Quit Match’ with Ariel X, because she just doesn’t know who the X is. She is about to find out, the hard way and I do mean hard because Ariel’s rock hard body is about to destroy Abby’s soft feminine figure. Abigail in her Zebra bottoms and no top awaits Ariel and when the cocky one comes she is so dismissive of this beauty that stands before her but Abby doesn’t seem afraid so X smacks her hard across the jaw and now it’s time to teach her just who Ariel X is. The destruction begins, and watching this amazing body being stretched, carried and slammed is something to see, we weren’t aware how tough Abby was until we saw how much pain she could endure, because no one can dish out pain like the amazing X. Gut slugs so hard they rattle Abby’s amazing breasts, body slams that shake her whole body, foot stomps that leave imprints, camel clutches as she pulls her hair, Boston crabs that bend her in half and an over the shoulder back breaker that does just that. Two amazing ladies make for one super amazing video !!!!

Match 3 -Celeste Star is a battle hardened DT veteran. Today she is standing in the ring with Skylar Rene. Skylar is a hard bodied young thing. She has a six pack and toned arms. This doesn’t scare Celeste one bit. The two warriors are at each other’s throats before the match even starts. It is non-stop action, so buckle your seat belts because you are in for one hell of a topless catfight. The screams, grunts, and pants are real… so are the strikes and submissions. This is a real fight with some real bad blood between a crafty pro and an athletic newcomer.


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