Match 1 -Rock ’em Sock ’em! This is the final bout or of the boxing tournament that has been going on for the past few months and these two definitely deserve their place in this the final bout, Akira Lane and Kimberly Jane are determined to beat the hell out of each other. Both talk the talk before the bout, and once it starts they can both walk the walk, the blows are savage both to the head and gut, each taking her turn at pounding, both are topless so with each shattering belly blow we see those titties shimmer and shake. Their arduous pace has them both gasping for air after the first round, they go to their corners where they so appreciate the cool water sponged on their sweat drenched chests and after a cool drink of water they are ready for the next round. More of the same with each round, hard head shots puts each girls down but not for the count as each gamely drags herself to her feet for more battering. So tired they clinch, each one takes over and beats hell out of her foe, we get some fabulous POV shots where we are really able to feel their pain as we watch the destroyer destroy. Each can barely move from exhaustion but they don’t stop till finally we have a knockout and one warrior is sprawled out on the canvas. Two sweaty topless beauties in a non stop rock em sock em boxing bout that will leave you exhausted just watching it!!!

Match 2 -Big beautiful blondes with belly bombs and holds: Angela Sommers and Hollywood are two of the most stunning statuesque blondes and both are ready to rumble. Oh and when these long legged vixens pose we are transfixed because their bodies are stunning, too bad they’re determined to pound on them. And pound they do, each taking turns slammin’ fists into those lean firm bellies as in the corners they pound, then onto the canvas for any hold that will allow them to ram their knuckles into the gut. And some fabulous holds we have especially the chokes, one even climbs all the way up the ropes to get leverage for her suffocating choke, then down for some knees to the gut, a figure four that rolls, a side choke that moves, wait scissors, figure four head scissors, and so many more amazing holds but always they get back to some blistering blows to the gut. The melee forces their tops off but they hardly notice as they are so focused on their battle, a battle for blonde dominance… which big beautiful blonde has the best belly bombs and holds!?!?!?

Match 3 -It’s time to rumble! And no better rumblers than Ariel X and Erika Jordan, two of our best boxers – they have the form and the toughness that it takes to be a great pugilist. It’s a rematch and when they meet in the center of the ring we can tell their is no love lost between these two, the talk and the looks are all about destruction. They start out weary of each others power, hesitant to commit early they use a lot of energy maneuvering to not get hit so the bell is a welcome relief. Each beauty enjoys the water running down her sweaty neck and into her tightly cinched sports top. Soon they start to pound, Ariel gets Erika in the corner many times and pounds away at her vulnerable gut, over and over she backs her in but Erika is a veteran and she knows how to use her clinch, she hugs tight as she rides X out of the corner – too late, the first knock down comes. The bell gives them a well deserved drink, then back to destruction – now the blows are harder and more knock downs, more corner carnage as the red gloves dig deep into their hard abs. Their sports tops are now drenched from sweat as one starts to dominate. It’s a wild battle with one hell of a great ending. Two of the best make it… TIME TO RUMBLE!!!


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