Match 1 -WOW!!! This one is a classic, five fabulous women in over thirty minutes of amazing annihilation, not only do they ravage in every possible way but also in every possible room… even the bathroom, where one poor fem has her head dunked in the toilet. Odette Delacroix, Celeste Star and Melissa Jacobs are in the ring ready to beat up the fiesty Star 9 and once they commence the massacre Kendra James works her way in. Trust me it’s all very confusing but suffice it to say the carnage is complete, we have tons of two on one battering and the pounding comes to all parts of all bodies: gut, head, crotch – when they are in the ring, in the changing room and in the front office till several of the girls even get chased outside! So much action in thirty minutes you won’t be able to feel all the pain till the third time you watch it. Stomping, head scissors, double bowed arrow, hand cuffed battering, double breast biting, hitting with a phone, face sits, that’s just to name a few. And it all culminates with a shattering lick smother and destroy where wet hands are used to exterminate one poor damsel… so wet and so hard they are pressed over mouth and nose. A real classic with non stop action, get ready to be WOWED!!!

Match 2 -Celeste Star saunters into the ring in high heels, tight shorts, panty hose, and a bra. Her mouth is running already about how Skylar Rene is in for a world of hurt. Skylar walks in with a confidence that seems to unnerve Celeste. Ms. Star begins to talk even more, trying to antagonize her opponent. Before the match the ladies must take part in a photo shoot to publicize the match. Skylar bends at the waist, letting her tiny red skirt rise up and show off her tight ass. When the fight begins Celeste is chomping at the bit. She attacks Skylar and rips her top off. Celeste sits on top of Skylar in a merciless camel clutch. As she mauls Skylar’s breasts she screams that the belt is hers. This match isn’t even close to being over. These warriors will go back and forth. They will rip and pummel one another until only one is standing and wearing the famed DT championship belt.

Match 3 -Serena Blair and Sasha Heart are adorable fighting nubiles. The two begin the match wearing nothing but panties. They push each other like schoolgirls trying to test the waters of a fight. This progresses to arm bars and body scissors. Sasha’s round yet perky ass lifts up in the air as she struggles to release herself from powerful legs. Serena spanks and teases her complaining foe. The girls crawl around the mat on their hands and knees leering at each other. A figure four leg lock and some devastating body slams are on the menu, but the most fun you’ll have in this match is watching Serena pin Sasha’s legs behind her head. This puts Sasha’s crotch high in the air. The heat from Sasha’s undercarriage damn near fogs up the camera lens, but you still get a perfect view. You will surely be glad you spent the time ogling the girls in this old fashioned catfight.


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