Match 1 -Boxing, bare fists and breasts… all in one glorious match and with two smokin’ hot blondes; Christie Stevens and Angela Sommers. They start out topless with tiny black g-strings, boxing gloves on and ready to hit, they are both a bit apprehensive and the initial blows seem a bit girlish as Christie batters Angela’s gut, breasts and head, but as she warms up the blows start to get harder, some neck snapping head blows, then she starts to add some leverage on her punches making Angela’s breasts start to bounce when hit and now we can feel those gut shots. Finally Ang turns the tables and she doesn’t mess around, she gets her blonde foe in the corner and puts some leather on that soft breast flesh, then sinks her gloves hard into that belly. But these girls get frustrated and the gloves come off, now they can sink their bare fists into those soft chest pillows, and when they get the other girls down on the mat they can really drop some bombs on the vulnerable bellies. And if all this pounding wasn’t enough they go into some really extreme breast destruction, not just fists to tits but gouging and twisting, even leading them around the ring by their nipples, it’s all just too painful… boxing, bare fists and breast battering with two gorgeous blondes, and all in one glorious match !!!!

Match 2 -New girl in the office and she is hot, Abigail Mac could make any girl jealous and that seems to be what has happened to Cali Logan so her and the boys in the office have rented the ring and closed circuit camera so Cali can fight Abigail while everyone in the office watches. Cali shows up first in her sexy black garter belt, nylons and short tank top, she is talking some trash about the new girl and how she is going to teach her a lesson in front of everyone. Finally Abby shows, topless with short shorts and nylons she struts in letting everyone know just how cool she is, but her cool leaves fast once Cali starts pounding on her hot body, those tities do bounce so when slammed, and Abby does squeal so when her gut is bashed, then come the head shots and all the while Cali talks to the camera as all the men back in the office watch. But wait what is this, is Abby getting some shots in, she sure is – the tide is turning, now it’s the tan beauty that is smacking the sexy east coast babe around. Abby pulls up Cali’s top so she can get some blows on those perky breasts, then down to her gut, not yet throwing too hard, just enjoying the fun till she goes up to the face for the hard blows. Cali can’t believe what is happening, how can this be happening, not just losing but destroyed and worse… yes much worse as she gets totally humiliated, hung up in the corner and pounded then bottoms stripped off and she is slapped silly… total destruction and humiliation !!!!!!

Match 3 -Idelsy Love is so hot she attracts women as well as men, Melissa Jacobs just can’t keep her hands off the sexy petit beauty, she was just passing by the ring and had to come over. Both women are soon all over each other as they strip off their tops to get better stroking on those inviting breasts but Idelsy is here to wrestle Ariel X who now shows up and is upset seeing these to enjoying each other when she is here to fight. Melissa calls her jealous and X attacks, pulling that long red hair over the ropes she has Mel’s abs exposed and ready to batter, slam after slam to this vulnerable bent body, fist to the gut then to the tits, she goes crazy on Red’s body till finally Idelsy comes to the rescue but this only means Ariel’s anger is now focused on her. More long hair is pulled behind the ropes leaving another stretched belly there for the pounding as gut and breasts are attacked. Finally Melissa regains her senses and comes to the brunette’s aid and now we have two against one and Ariel is in big trouble as the girls plan on some big pay back. The rest of this match is these two working over poor Ariel in so many gut stretching positions; over the ropes, in the corner, on her back, on her side but always her belly is stretched and battered as are her breasts and crotch. The claw and scratching are also employed as they work over X’s entire body, one holds while the other destroys, then they tie her to the ropes so they can both enjoy the destruction and once destroyed they so enjoy just stroking that beautiful body, so much do they enjoy it that again they are turned on and they go back to where they started… enjoying each others bodies !!!


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