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Match 1 -Tara Morgan is a lovely young bouncing blonde. She has perky tits and an attitude to match. Frankie Zapatelli saunters into the ring with a clear disdain for her petite foe. The fully clothed Frankie manhandles the topless Tara. Armbars, chokes, and pile drivers rain down on Frankie’s fair-skinned opponent. However, this only seems to be the beginning, as Frankie’s cruelty towards Tara seems to go on forever. Tara’s whimpers and cries are music to Frankie’s ears. In fact, the more Tara yelps the harder Frankie’s nipple pinches and gut slugs seem to get. Get yourself ready for a heartless destruction match featuring one of DT’s meanest veterans.

Match 2 -Cali Logan and Mai begin this match in nothing but some adorable bikini bottoms. These charming brunettes have some of the most bewitching tits in the sport of female fighting. Cali’s are plump and perky and match nicely with Mai’s substantially larger bosoms. Cali’s back becomes Mai’s main target via the Boston crab, kneeling back breaker, and inverted standing surfboard. Quickly this match becomes a one-sided destruction match. Mai uses every tool at her disposal to crush Cali’s back: the ropes, Cali’s hair, etc. One may feel almost sorry for the lovable Cali as her cries grow fainter and fainter. Don’t, remember that if the tables were turned she would be just as cruel as Mai. It seems very likely that Cali will never be able to stand again due to her broken back.

Match 3 -Sinn Sage is waiting in the ring for her foe, Francesca. However, Francesca doesn’t show up. Instead Celeste Star shows up and quickly derails Sinn’s plans. Celeste begins to bully Sinn. A scared Sinn goes running from Celeste’s attacks. Celeste bear hugs, beats, and wedgies her curvy opponent until she is crying on the ground. Once Sinn has been turned into little more than mince meat, Celeste forces her to repeatedly lick clean the inside of her perfect belly button. When Celeste’s belly button is finally squeaky clean she lays Sinn down for a finishing wedgie. You will surely love this one sided bullying match.


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