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Match 1 -Wow, I got to tell you boots can be so sexy, especially when all they have on is high boots and small bikini bottoms. That’s what we have with Tara Morgan and Abigail Mac, so hot in these boots. They lock up in a test of strength and soon Abby has her perfect ass on Tara’s cute face – we have our first fall as Tara passes out. This is just one of so many falls and many of those are ended with suffocating butts in the face, each girl takes her turn squeezing her butt cheeks over the face cheeks. Then throw in some chokes, gut slugs, crotch mauling, great holds and we have a fabulous match. They even go all the way with their destruction when each puts on a the hand cuffs, that’s right each girl cuffs the hands of her foe behind her back allowing them to really batter their breasts, butts, guts and then face-sit them out. If you love sexy women in high boots, lots of falls with so many sexy asses on the face with two of our sexiest grapplers, then this is the one for you !!!!.

Match 2 -Cali Logan and Prinzzess are wearing matching outfits. This is important because the winner of this match will be decided by who can strip their opponent nude first. Each girl has the same amount of clothes on just to make sure it is a fair fight. Once the loser has been stripped nude, she must be handcuffed to finalize the loss. The girls wrap their arms and legs around each other like snakes. They intertwine themselves in an extremely sensual human jigsaw puzzle. They pull and rip at their panties and bras to expose their foe. Red in the face, both girls are horrified at the thought of being laid bare for the world to see. Both fighters wind up completely nude, which means it comes down to who can get the handcuffs on who. Watching these ladies forcibly removing each other’s clothes until they are buck naked and writhing on top of one another is the recipe for a great match.

Match 3 -Victoria and Darcie Dolce are in panty hose, high heels, and tiny skirts. Darcie calls Victoria a “Mexican bitch.” Victoria is infuriated by the racial attack and lunges for Darcie and her large breasts or “peaches” as the girls refer to them. Before you know it, both girls have giant handfuls of their opponent’s tits. Victoria calls Darcie an “Italian slut” and then wraps her panty hosed legs around Ms. Dolce. The two combatants whine and cry as their soft flesh is mauled and kneaded into cloudy red welts. Victoria’s blonde locks cascade across Darcie’s pink nipples as they are pinched to the point of almost ripping off. The brunette Darcie repays her attacker by mounting her and putting the weight of her entire body upon Victoria’s perfectly shaped, caramel breasts. Will one of these beautiful girls give in before their peaches become bruised fruit? The only way to find out is by checking out this match.


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