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Match 1 -These two fighters are so adorable that you will need to pinch yourself to believe it’s true. Melissa Jacobs and Sadie Holmes are taut young ladies with a debt to settle. Their energetic clashing is a special treat for even the more die hard of Double Trouble fans. For example, Melissa bow and arrows her foot so hard into Sadie’s groin that you can see her toes curl and dig into Sadie’s soft lower abdomen. Which set of perky tits and perkier personality will win this brawl? The perseverance of these two fighters makes it easy to tell that a winner will not be easily decided and will definitely leave the ring bruised and battered. So strap yourself in and get ready for one hell of a ride!

Match 2 -For a change our Euro girls don’t go nude, Gena and Minnie are getting it on with string bottoms and no tops. Minnie is a sleek beautiful brunette with a red tint and natural breasts with just the right amount to grab onto and Gena is one of our slimmest girls, not an ounce of fat on this girl with a sexy face, pert breasts and stand up nipples – I make close note of their physical features because these girls are soon sexually going after these feminine attributes . Yes, once Minnie gets her thin partner down she forces a kiss then sucks her nipples till they really stand at attention, a favor Gena returns when she has sexy Minnie pinned against the ropes, wow does she suck those perfect breasts, sucks them hard, then squeezes and sucks as she strokes her pussy – it’s a real turn on! We soon find these girls love to turn each other one as each hold affords an opportunity for more kissing and grouping. Scissors, bow and arrows, face sits, all sorts of pinning restraints – all to get some good sexual stroking. The Euro girls always make it hot but this one is hotter than usual – they love their bodies and their sex, and so do we – go Euro girls go !!!!!

Match 3Sinn Sage and Cali logan are steamy brunettes with incredible asses. You lucky patrons get the chance to watch these vixens get on all fours and wrestle each other to their heart’s content. Sinn flexes her big round ass as she torques the grip her head scissors have on Cali. However, don’t worry, Cali frees herself and returns the favor with multiple nasty crotch smashes. The video turns to high art when Sinn face sits Cali and yanks on Cali’s thong. Sinn’s big beautiful ass jiggles and suffocates the adorable Cali into a state of vertigo. Make sure to not miss this masterpiece of ass.


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