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Match 1 -Today Ariel X and Abigail Mac are fighting over the same guy. That lucky bastard gets to take the winner home and have his way with her while the loser is left crying on the mat. Abigail has a supple and curvy body that she flaunts for the camera. Abigail removes her clothes to reveal a tiny top showing ample under-boob, booty shorts, and knee high socks. While Abigail is busy talking dirty to the camera, Ariel begins her attack. Her toned and tight body is too strong and agile for Abigail. A dominant Ariel chokes and strips her foe. Even though Abigail is wearing nothing but knee high socks, she is not out of the fight yet. In a stunning turn of events Abigail attacks and badly wounds Ariel’s knee. Laughing, Abigail schoolgirl pins Ariel and shakes her bare pussy and ass right in front of her helpless victim. The climax of this scene comes as Ariel slowly licks the sweat from Abigail’s perfect body.

Match 2 -Liz Ashley stands in her corner topless ready for a fight. She poses for the camera as she shoots a cold glare at her opponent across the ring. Christie Stevens returns Liz’s silent challenge. These girls are blonde and busty and in this match they are wearing nothing but g-strings and ponytails. The fight begins with an Indian wrestling match. Next the girls take part in a couple breast matches. Using nothing but their bare tits to push each other across the ring, the winner is decided when one of the girls is pushed into the ropes. After these fun and erotic mini matches, the real fight starts. The butt kneading and mauling is top notch in this video. Both girls have sharp fingernails and they disappear into one another’s soft ass cheek flesh on separate occasions. Add in a couple crucifixion pins, nipple pinching, and airplane spins and you will have a feel for what you will find in this masterpiece of female fighting.

Match 3 -Cali Logan and Tara Morgan, what a perfect match-up, about the same size and both tough as hell. They start out topless with Cali telling the newbie how lame she is – there is no way this veteran is letting this cute little upstart get four submissions on her! Finally Tara has heard enough and punches Cali in the gut, then takes over with slugs and kicks even a body slam but of course Cali comes back and we have a fight! Cali is going for those submissions as soon as she wears down her warrior opponent, a savage leg spreader that causes so much groin pain Tara finally has to give in then a body slam and Cali throws on an arm bar but Tara is not giving in – or is she? Lots of great submissions put on by both ladies; over the back back-breakers, bear hugs, abdominal stretch, figure fours and all with very bad intentions because these ladies are so tough it takes a long time for them to give. So much fun watching these two gorgeous young athletic bodies going at it, so equal in their beauty and their aggression – and watching them giving and getting extreme pain makes it another great match!!!


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