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Match 1 -BEAT DOWN, that’s right this is a real beat down… Misty Stone is on top of Kymberly Jane when the movie opens, she straddles her and so enjoys seeing her struggle, her legs kick wildly but the strong ebony beauty is going now where, the topless Amazon beauty puts Kym in a school girl pin and just watches her struggle. Misty goes from hold to hold, body scissors turns into grapevine then head scissors where she can destroy poor Kym’s supple breasts, she rips at her breasts as she rips at her stomach and even does the same to her robust legs – she squeezes and rips her supple legs with hands full of flesh. And always we go back to seeing those wild legs flailing as Kimberly thrashes on the mat, so beautiful those gams as they slam into the canvas, her muscles and skin shake through and through. From hold to hold Kym endures the pain and the flesh gouging, what choice does she have Misty is in total control. Bow and arrow, face-sit, rope choke, all with reckless abandon.. legs slam even harder as Kym struggles valiantly to endure, over and over she is destroyed by our super black beauty. Destruction at it’s most extreme… wild beauties destroying wildly !!!!!

Match 2 -Time for a really good pro style action match, Christie Stevens feels she is ready to do some top notch pro wrestling and ready to take on one of the best; Ariel X, wrestling boots and knee pads make Christie feel invincible but Ariel also has on her lucky wrestling boots. Here we go, Christie looks so sexy in her skimpy blue bikini and X looks so tough in her black one piece suit, both are ready for this battle as they pose showing off their striking figures. Christie surprises X with some vicious gut slugs in the corner then a clothes line, Ariel is in trouble but she rallies and now she plans on paying this blonde beauty back, and payback is something Ariel specializes in. A clothes line, camel clutch, head scissors and finally a devastating choke has our blonde out cold. X now strokes the blonde’s lifeless body, from crotch to breasts she caresses and kisses, slowly Christie comes too as she is kissed on belly and neck. Still groggy Ariel forces her into a test of strength and then comes the onslaught of killer chokes, elbow drops, leg drops, body slams, and so many more you won’t believe it, especially love it when she stretches her out over her back. While Christie tries to keep her breasts in that bikini they do come out toward the end.. Christie just has no control at all now – she just wants it over, but it’s not over till X says it is and it takes a long time to satisfy Ariel’s thirst for destruction !!!!!

Match 3 -Skylar Rene and Layla Sin are a breathtaking duo. They have dark hair and olive complexions. Their booties hang gloriously out of their sexy black one pieces. Today they are fighting over one lucky muchacho. As if attempting to ruin their opponent’s possibility of keeping the man in question, the lovely women spend a hideous amount of time attacking their rival’s crotch region. Knees, kicks, corner posts, and even teeth are used in the many foul crotch attacks featured in this match. The knee high leather high heel boots are especially effective in inflicting large amounts of pain, particularly when Skylar ties her opponent to the corner and takes a running start before kicking. This one is not for the faint of heart.


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