Match 1 -Beautiful butts in tight jeans, can we ever get enough of these? Nooo, never, so so we are giving you the most beautiful behinds around: Alix Lynx, Abby Mac, Erika Jordan and of course Ariel X, these girls are in an ass contest to see who has the sexiest butt in tight jeans and they will be judged by last years winner, Alex Lynx who will also show off her amazing ass in many different sets of tight jeans also. Each girl strips and tries on many different jeans as Alix runs her hands over their protruding cheeks and let me tell you just watching them get in and out of these skin tight jeans is a real treat. Alex has them mount each other butts up so she can compare in that way, then she has them tie her legs together to see how they tie as she writhes on the ground showing off her great ass bound under that fabulous butt. Oh and with all these great asses I almost forgot how sexy their tops are, high cut muscle T’s with their breasts popping out of the bottoms. Butts, butts, and more butts – time for a decision, but it doesn’t go over well and a three girl beatdown ensues. Beautiful butts in skin tight jeans – finally you will get enough of them!!!

Match 2 -Vanessa Veracruz, have you seen this beauty yet, if not you are in for a real treat, she is so hot we were afraid she might be too much for any girl but then we realized Abigail Mac doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. Yes, it’s Abby and Vanessa in a fabulous cat-ball match, they start out in animal print string bikinis and when these heavenly brown bodies embrace it is a thing of beauty, the legs intertwine and they slowly roll but Abby wants to stop so they can oil up – wow, when these ladies get those nipples wet they get so hard and these are some amazing nipples that truly stand at attention, then the breasts come together in a tit rubbing bear hug. What a sexy match, oil up, go breast to breast and cat-ball – then do tall over again but this time they go change into the tiniest of sling bikinis. You guessed it, oil those fabulous bodies, then breast to breast rubbing bearhugs and some more sexy rolling. These two beauties together are the definition of SEXY!!!

Match 3 -This squish match begins with Christina Carter bragging to the DT cameraman about how she stole Lana Violet’s boyfriend. She says it is incredibly easy to bully these “little Asian girls.” Lana comes rushing into the room. She confronts the taller and more built Christina. Christian explains that Lana’s boyfriend simply “wants a woman with big tits and ass.” Lana is sent into a rage and attacks Christina. Within minutes Lana is wrapped up like a pretzel and shouting frustrated insults. Christina laughs as she uses her feet to choke and hold down her now gasping opponent. With her feet on Lana’s face, Christina tells her downed foe all about how much better big American tits are compared to little Asian ones. Once Lana has been thoroughly dominated, Christina strips the tiny Asian girl until she is wearing nothing but her white cotton panties. After being squished to the point of exhaustion, Lana is forced to lick the feet of the woman who stole her boyfriend.


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