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Match 1 – Ariel X and Abigail Mac in sexy red bikini’s, that’s probably about all it takes to get most of us into a match – I mean let’s face it, these are two of the hottest women we can put together. They are here to team up against the great Puma, but he soon slams their heads together then drags Abby into the ring for a party of punishment with body slams, and severe hods – now it really gets fun when Puma makes Ariel help him ravage sexy Abby, and once her top is stripped off they work her over together with slugs to the gut and double stretches from all angles. Abby’s cooked so now what, must be X’s turn to be dismantled as over the shoulder she is thrown to snap her back, then to the ground for more annihilation. Finally both sexy ladies are shattered and lie splayed on the canvas, but he’s not done, no – time to make them dance butt to butt, then rub their breasts together, how much fun is it to pull the strings on his super sexy puppets. It’s wild destruction in so many ways and it’s Abigail Mac and Ariel X – what else needs be said !!!!!

Match 2 – Erika Jordan is a bronze goddess of sensuality and power. Her toned and sculpted body poses for the camera. Liz Ashley is a heavenly blonde. Her slight frame sways and undulates for the Double Trouble audience. The topless women meet each other in the center of the ring for a breast contest. This will decide who has the strongest tits. The gladiators put their hands behind their back and use their soft fleshy boobs to push one another across the ring. A taxing pin-fall match follows. The remainder of this contest consists of alternating between tit fights and pin-falls. The women take turns beating on each other’s sublime bodies. The points and falls go back and forth. It is only a cruel cheating trick that leads to an undisputed winner of the match. You may cry or laugh as you see a dishonorable champion crowned while she rests her foot on her unconscious opponent. As the old saying goes, “all is fair in love and wrestling.”

Match 3 – Nicole Oring is looking mighty exotic in her mother of pearl, tiger striped bikini bottoms and full back tattoo. Her smoky almond eyes narrow as she marks her prey. Sadie Holmes is a tall skinny model who is looking to upset the oriental thug standing across from her. The two fighters are already topless so they don’t have to waste any time stripping each other down. They can get right to the fun stuff, kicking ass. Nicole’s gruff commands and insults foreshadow the rough nature of the blunt trauma she inflicts. Can the model turned fighter, Sadie, keep up with Nicole’s savagery? Yes, she can. Sadie doesn’t back down from Nicole’s boldness, she reflects it back at her. This match is non-stop action. The combatants seem possessed by demons of war, incensed by the smell of blood. Their eyes become wild. Their voices become frantic and raw. Yet, all the while, they remain beautiful topless women.


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