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Match 1 -Sexy clothes, sexy girls and a wild catfight in the ring, that’s what we have here when Riley Reynolds and Nikki Delano vie for the catfight queen of 2016. In their short skirts, stocking with garter belts and heels, so sexy and both are also very feisty, perfect for a cat fight that will allow biting, kicking, scratching, hair pulling – all legal and once the girls hear this the bitch talking ensues and they talk the talk. Nikki is warned not to cause any destruction after a submission because many girls have been complaining about her tactics, she says she won’t need to do anything to beat this blonde bimbo. Shoes off, bell rings and after Niki destroys Riley’s arm, she then puts it in an arm bar for more agony and gets the first submission, and what is this, looks like she gets in a knee drop after the sub but she claims it’s an accident. Next the petit bombshell blonde attacks Riley’s breasts once she gets the top off and boy does she squeeze those natural tits, you can feel the pain. Riley does come back and boy does she want revenge, and boy does she get it. Both topless now and both use their legs to choke, squeeze and kick. The red and black thigh high stocking wrap securely around their pretty faces and produce real destruction. These two are so much fun to watch, the blondes get wild and catty – and we love it !!!!!

Match 2 -What the hell, who is this big busted bitch? Kianna Dior is one mean bully, who knew she could be such a bad girl – so bad when she woman handles poor little Odette Delacroix. Beautiful Kianna uses every part of her body to dismantle the petit blonde, her large lucsious breasts are the weapons of choice, they completely envelope Odette’s face for a killer smother, she even uses them to just bounce off Odette’s body. Next weapon, her butt, used to batter the blonde’s body then on her face where she does lots more than just sit. Oh Odette tries to fight back but is just thrown around like a rag doll, used as a stool and even rode around like her little pony, how degrading. It’s not just that Kianna ravages her foe but she enjoys it so, yes this is a Kianna we have not seen before, this is a joyous bully who relishes liquidating this little waif. Ride bully ride, use those big bouncy breasts and sweet butt to snuff out the little blonde, and find such joy in your controlled annihilation !!!!!!

Match 3 -Beautiful women with beautiful butts in tight jeans and if that isn’t enough they have their cowboy hats on. Who are these gorgeous ladies? Abigail Mac and Ariel X, and you know what great asses these two have. Time to wrestle, they lock up and are soon on the floor rolling all across the ring as each takes a turn being on top, Ariel gets a school girl pin on and beats Abby’s gut but eventually Abby reverses it and goes to work on X’s breasts and crotch. Next they rip the tops off of each other to reveal their beautiful breasts and offer one more target of destruction, and boy do they look hot topless in those tight jeans. Finally one gets control and she is going to make sure the other one is going nowhere, it’s a long tie ups a coming; her ankles are tied, her knees, hands and just under her jean bursting butt. She rolls her foe over and attacks her breasts, free to take her time on those breasts she works them over royalty then she rolls her over and we are treated to a sustained view of that bulging butt, softly her hand rubs those tight jeans as she enjoys rubbing that ass, over and over she rubs then slaps that ass, more slaps and more rubbing as our bound babe’s butt gets a real work over!!!!!


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