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Match 1 -TIGER GANG matches have become so popular, these are real nude cat fights that get so wild they set the standard. And speaking of setting the standard, that’s exactly what Ariel X does every time she puts her hands on another woman, and that other woman this time is also one hell of a tough lady: Star 9. Star comes out of the shower and as she puts on her tiger bikini she is attacked from behind by Ariel and the fight is on… and what a great fight it is, these girls really go for it. Soon they have ripped the suits off of each other which allows for some great crotch attacks by both girls. These sexy nude bodies roll hard with great holds like camel clutches and grape vines but it’s when they get creative that I love it, like when each uses her feet to go after the others pussy, feet go hard into the crotches as neither girl wants to give, then there is when the sleek blonde has Miss X in a match book and Ariel rolls all the way through her folded position into the dominate position, a thing of beauty. They bite toes and pussies, they choke with hands and legs, they grab pussies so hard… so hard one can’t take it any more!!!!

Match 2 -A nude sex contest, that’s what this one is – and what makes a great sex contest, two super sexy women: Abigail Mac and Christie Stevens, and you know these two are about as sexy as they come. They start out in the ring both wearing tights and muscle shirts, as they smash their breasts together they pull hard on their pony tails – harder they rub the tits till finally they both take each others tops off and we see how hard Abby’s tits are, her nipples so erect as she rubs them on Christie’s soft breasts. Next they strip each other naked and with a bear hug they start banging pussies together, then slam each other from behind, pussies into beautiful butts. Like any good sex fight they decide to take it to a living room where they can continue the huggin’ and slammin’. And of course what would a sex contest be with out some super hot tribbing, on the couch their pussies come together as they lay and sway. Next it’s to the floor for so much more, raise those legs high and grind those crotches because two super sexy women are having a sex contest !!!!

Match 3 -Big girls do it bigger, that’s right and two of the best are; Christina Carter and Diana Knight, when it comes to real down and dirty cat fights these two make big look bigger and better. Of course it’s over a man and they both become enraged at who Buck likes the best, soon they are ripping the clothes off and I do mean ripping. They stretch, pull, yank and rip, the blouses then the short skirts – off come the heels then down to the panties and nylons, nothing comes off easy as each item is contested and fought over, eventually down to nylons and time for some serious fighting as Christina bites Diana’s soft breast flesh till she screams in agony. The nylons are now shredded, piece by piece they are ripped apart till nothing remains but panties and with a great struggle they are pulled off. The fighting gets even more extreme, now the bites become deeper, the gouging more intense – the toes are bent the butts are slapped, the chokes deeper… wilder and wider these naked warriors battle till finally a vicious sustained face claw has one of them promising to stay away from her man. Yes, big girls do it bigger and these are two of the best !!!!!!


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