Match 1 – This match is for the Double Trouble Championship belt. Prinzzess is the referee. She explains the rules to the match and presents the prize, the DT championship belt. Goldie Blair is the current champion. Her challenger is Kymberly Jane. These women are ferocious competitors and will stop at nothing to win. So Prinzzess pats down each fighter, looking for any illegal weapons. Prinzzess does a thorough and sensual job of checking each girl’s massive breasts. The match begins and it is obvious that tits are the biggest and best target. Each girl knees, punches, claws and steps on the other one’s breasts. Kymberly can barely fit Goldie’s monster tits under her tiny foot. After a very hard fought match, Kymberly gains the upper hand. Eventually, Goldie is defeated. Prinzzess declares a topless Kymberly the winner over a topless Goldie. However, this is not the end of this match. Prinzzess takes this opportunity to help Kymberly further batter and humiliate Goldie. The two women strip Goldie nude and lead her around the ring. They write on, violate, spank, and verbally abuse the once great champion. Can Goldie ever show her face in the DT ring again after this kind of humiliation?

Match 2 – A seminar on erotic wrestling and who better to teach it than two veterans: Christina Carter and Francesca Le – they know from whence they speak and they’re here for some show and tell. This is a step by step primer on how to have an erotic wrestling match. They start off stripping and preparing their naked bodies for this exhilarating experience, then they demonstrate the best holds and techniques. Finally it’s wrestling time and these gorgeous veterans show they can erotic wrestle with the best of them as each wrangles her foe into orgasms. From hold to hold they stimulate, with nipple sucking and crotch rubbing, then into positions where they can grind their bodies together for supreme sexual stimulation, great body presses and scissors abound. These two can not only talk the talk, they can walk the walk right into forced orgasms. It’s a how to on how to get us all stimulated, and you most assuredly will be with this amazing video seminar on erotic wresting – watch and learn or better yet watch and be stimulated !!!!

Match 3 – Skimpy sling bikinis, this can only mean another great wedgie match, that’s right and the queen of wedgies is Charlie Mancini – one of the toughest beauties at DT, but can she handle a real super tough girl; Ariel X? Time to find out as both ladies are decked out in these suits that cover almost nothing and sexy thigh high stockings. Charlie is a pro when it comes to a sling bikini as Ariel soon finds out after a sneak attack has X succumbing to the brunettes savage attack on her breasts then of course crotch and butt splitting wedgies with that string suit. Wedgies, breast and pussy mauling and done by both ladies, that’s right X finally recovers and shows the big brunette she can dish it out with the best of them, those muscles aren’t just for show. Eventually both ladies are naked and only use those string suits to split their bodies with the ultimate wedgies. Naked and suffering as both crotch and breasts are abused till only one lady is left standing – it’s wedgies and so much more by two of the toughest D.T. has to offer !!!!!


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