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Match 1 -Odette Delacroix is the smallest girl in the Double Trouble catalogue. She is barely 5 feet tall and a twig of a thing. This video begins with an interview with Odette. She discusses how she is new to wrestling but already completely obsessed. Her first professional match will be against one of the most legendary female wrestlers of all time, Francesca Le. Next, Fran is interviewed. She explains how much she loves hurting her young opponents and is about to do the same to Odette. When the fight finally comes it is a real doozy. These warrior women go back and forth and push their spectacular bodies to the limit. They will be left panting, gritting their teeth, and screaming for their lives. Can the brand new and tiny fighter stand a chance against the greatness of Francesca? There is only one way to find out.

Match 2 -Two topless blonde goddesses stand across from each other waiting to unleash hell on DT’s wrestling ring. Their large pillowy breasts are bared for the world to see from the outset of this match. Tylene Buck is ready to eat Christie Stevens alive. This is evident from the multiple suplexes Tylene executes on Ms. Stevens. However, Christie is no pushover and is ready for just about anything a pro like Tylene can dish out. In fact, Christie has more than a couple tricks up her sleeve… like one of the meanest camel clutches Tylene has ever been dealt. This classic catfight has everything: tests of strength, leg wrestling, full nelsons, and lots of tit mauling. Will the large breasted blonde in the red thong win or will the big tittied blonde in the red and black thong win? Come watch it to find out.

Match 3 -Cali Logan and Ariel X are facing each other in a submission match today. Ariel’s body is rippling with long and lean muscles from years of training in the gym. She eyeballs the soft and skinny looking Cali and scoffs at the idea that Cali could ever be a true challenge. Cali seems less than confident and reluctantly says she thinks she might have a chance. Both girls stand wearing nothing but their panties. When that fateful bell rings, Cali rushes Ariel. Taking her by surprise, Cali quickly sinks in a shoulder popping chicken wing and forces the once cocky Ariel to submit. Can Cali’s good luck continue for the rest of the match or did she merely wake up the sleeping dragon that is Ariel X? Either way this video boasts some attractive and athletic young women fighting to the bitter end.


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