Match 1 – This one is in High Definition and you will love it! Wonder Woman (Cali Logan) has come to save Miss Annie (Ariel X), but it’s a trap by the evil cowgirl (Christina Carter), oh, and that isn’t really Miss Annie, no she is also there to get Wonder Woman and the two are ready to gang up on the wonder babe, not so fast as the bullets bounce off Wonder’s wristlets. Oh no, some of those bullets are filled with sleepy gas and our two villains are able to have their way with the gorgeous super hero, starting off with a sack of flour over her head, then she is cuffed and the torture and humiliation begin. They wrap her magic lasso around her sexy body as they pull her top down, then even pull her bottoms down only to parade her around the ring naked then dirty up her bottoms and put them back on. Then come the ropes that are tied to her limbs so she can be stretched, then each villain puts hold after painful hold on our suffering heroine, my favorite is when they each take a shapely leg and almost split the wondrous one in half. And they have so much more in store for WW, wet slimy pies to fill her face, horsey rides and… you guessed it, the works, so hold on it’s one hell of ride and you will see it all in fabulous HD !!!!!!

Match 2 – Also in HD: Another great soul stealing video with four hot women, that’s right four: Nicole Oring is the evil Soul Stealer, Melissa Jacobs is the Vessel holding all the souls, Kymberly Jane is the Queen and Mia Li is her Champion. So beautiful are these girls in their sexy costumes as they strut around the ring readying for battle and the champion goes first and what a great battle it is, our two super hot Asians but wait, she is helped by all the others and Nicole is getting a real beat down as one girl puts Nicole’s pretty head between her legs and the other two pound on her ass, then it’s to the corner for more annihilation and finally to the canvas where each takes a limb and pulls till her beautiful body looks to be coming apart but finally our Soul Stealer finds a way to make it a one on one battle between her and the the champion – now our Asian beauties can really get it on as they battle to the finish. The evil one goes after each one of these amazing beauties as she wants to steal not only their souls but all the souls stored in the vessel. Each fight is to the bitter end as a lose means their soul is lost and then all the souls will be lost. Beautiful women battling for their very souls !!!!!! Enjoy it all in HIGH DEFINITION.


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