Christina Carter vs. Goldie Blair

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1604HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 478 MB


Goldie Blair and Christina Carter are showing off their large breasts by stuffing them into tiny wife beaters. The bell rings and the women rip the tank tops off and shake their giant cans for the camera. They both run toward the center of the ring and start slamming their titties together. Goldie pushes Christina into the turnbuckle and delivers countless upper cuts to Christina’s soft breasts. Christina is quite literally on the ropes so Goldie backs up to the other side of the ring, gets a running start and launches herself at full speed into Christina’s tits. Christina crumbles to the mat. Goldie starts to breasts smother her downed foe, but Christina opens up her pretty mouth and takes a big bite out of Goldie’s tits. Goldie falls backwards and Christina takes control of the match. Goldie moans on all fours as Christina mounts her like a pony and starts squeezing and pinching Goldie’s boobs like she is looking for milk. Both women get a chance to breast smother and then maul each other before one finally rises above as a clear champion. If you want to see these two DT legends punish each other’s tits then you should check this video out.