Cassie Del Isla vs. Zoey Sinn

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Wedgie Catfight Match

DT-1603HD/Time: 18 Minutes / 429 MB

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It is confirmed, Cassie Del Isla is our hottest newbie, since she first appeared she has garnered amazing attention and why not she is absolutely gorgeous with a sublime figure – oh and that accent doesn’t hurt either — soooo hot. But to keep with our tradition of bringing you the most beautiful ladies in the world – we welcome Zoey Sinn, this brown beauty is like a big juicy berry just waiting to be squeezed and wild Cassie is just the girl to do that squeezing. They meet in the ring topless with tiny bikini bottoms and black thigh high stockings, after some trash talking they are pulling those thongs up their sexy centers. Cassie is first to strike as she throws Zoey to the canvas, with one hand she holds Zoey’s arms over head while the other goes after vulnerable pussy and breasts, oh and those big voluptuous breasts are so inviting – we are treated to such a great view of this sexy brown body. Cassie then straddles her so she can put some real power behind her wedgie pulls as up the pussy goes that thin cloth. But Zoey isn’t here to just be a victim, she gets her turn at wedgie pulls and when Cassie goes to the mat and tries to crawl away Zoey goes after that perfect ass, not just wedgies but reaching under those round brown cheeks she pinches Cassie’s pussy lips… we have a battle. It’s a back and forth war as both brown beauties want that victory, Zoey able to strip Cassie naked, an infuriated Cassie returns the favor – now both brown beauties are naked and continue to go after breasts and pussies. More new blood, how lucky can we be — two super hot tan babes that wrestle hard — just for you !!!!!!