Serene Siren vs. Cassie Del Isla

Nude Apartment Catfight

20 Min – 472 MB – High Definition


Cassie Del Isla and Serene Siren are arguing over who has the better tits. It is a difficult question, but thank goodness both of them are topless and in booty shorts, which helps us better adjudicate. The women agree to put their hands behind their backs and commence a tit fight. They bump and grind their perky breasts together, alternating between flicking each other’s nipples and smashing the whole boob together. Eventually they get too worked up and start grabbing one another by their sensitive nipples. The yelps increase considerably when Serene starts grabbing Cassie by the crotch with her free hand. While she has Cassie helpless on the floor, Serene rolls her bright yellow booty shorts off and gets a better handful of Cassie’s soft lady parts. Cassie summons all of her might and kicks Serene off of her and immediately pulls Serene’s pink panties off. You are going to love watching these two nude goddesses tee off on one another in this tit fight and crotch mauling match featuring some of the best bodies in the business. So who do you think will win, the caramel pair of perfect tits or the vanilla pair of perfect tits?


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